Sep 01, 2022 |

Building new pathways for emerging Black talent

Kanye, Technology Intern and Zion, Sales Intern

At Thomson Reuters, we are committed to building diverse and inclusive teams. Diverse teams reach more customers and challenge the status quo, while an inclusive workplace cultivates breakthroughs and solves problems more efficiently for our customers.

This summer, the Thomson Reuters Black Employee Network – Europe chapter launched the Black Internship Scheme (BIS), an initiative that provides paid internships to Black and mixed-race 18-24-year-olds. We recently sat down with Kanye and Zion, two of the first participants in the program. Read our Q&A with them below to learn their thoughts on the significance of the BIS.

What does the BIS personally mean to you?

Zion: To me, the BIS means that I have an opportunity to be able to do something that I never saw myself doing in the past. It is exposure to the corporate world, which is a different type of professional environment from what I am used to as an athlete.

Kanye: This program allowed me to try new things and gain practical experience in several business areas. I’m already planning additional learning to deepen the knowledge acquired during my internship. I hope my new skills and knowledge will one day lead me back to Thomson Reuters.

What has surprised you about working at Thomson Reuters?

Kanye: The easy-going environment at the office has surprised me. I like how easy it is to have random — but meaningful — conversations with my colleagues and how included everybody has made me feel since joining the team.

Zion: I was surprised at how friendly people were when I started my internship. Beginning a new role is not always easy, but at Thomson Reuters everyone was welcoming and made me feel at home.

What motivates you?

Kanye: What motivates me is being a good role model for my siblings. We have strong core family values, so it is important to me to show them that if you set your mind to something, you can achieve anything.

Zion: My key motivation is to make my parents proud in everything I do. I’m also trying to set a good example for my younger brothers, as I want them to see me as a good role model.

The BIS reflects the commitment Thomson Reuters has made to creating a pipeline for a more diverse workforce. How do think your participation in this scheme helps to strengthen this commitment? 

Zion: I think my participation in the BIS helps set a strong example for future generations. I hope that when other young Black people see what I am doing, it will motivate and inspire them to want to do the same.

Kanye: I believe the BIS helps Thomson Reuters source talent from places that previously may not have been considered, and my participation is just the start.

Thanks to Kanye and Zion for sharing their experience with us. As they conclude their internships at Thomson Reuters, they leave a lasting impact as the first participants in the BIS. Through this program, Thomson Reuters strives to increase the pipeline of Black talent across the organization and nurture the next generation of Black leaders.

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The podcast hosted by Beverley Wedderburn talks about the experience of being a young Black adult navigating the corporate world. Through conversations with interns and professional guests, Beverley explores internships, highlights the rewarding challenges of creating a program, and the benefits of using alternative pathways to engage with and encourage Black talent into organizations to build a diverse workforce.