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Get to know the Disability Employee Network

The Disability Employee Network

The Disability Employee Network is a business resource group of Thomson Reuters employees who have and/or care for someone with a disability. Our mission is to support these employees while promoting disability-inclusive actions and resources in the workplace including networking, facilities, talent, and application development, all leading us to a better appreciation and understanding of disability inclusion in relation to access and sustainability in our work environment.

There are seven global chapters of the network which span Brazil, Dallas, LatAm, Minneapolis, London/UKI, Bangalore, and Hyderabad with co-leads for each chapter. The Minneapolis chapter also accommodates remote workers or those without a regional chapter in their location. Aaron Martinuzzi, a co-lead for the Minneapolis-St. Paul / Virtual chapter shared what he values about being a co-lead of the Disability Employee Network.

“I became a co-lead very shortly after joining the Disability Employee Network as a member. It was also early in my still-short career and an opportunity to be in a leadership role, which I hadn’t had previous experience with. As a co-chair, I’ve been able to meet dozens of other Thomson Reuters employees from other departments, locations, and countries, expanding my network well beyond my department. Thanks to some of the relationships I’ve made, I’m also in a position to help connect the Disability Employee Network members with solutions or folks who can address their concerns.”

In The Community

One way the Disability Employee Network builds camaraderie is by supporting important causes. In recent years, chapters have helped make a difference in our regional offices with initiatives such as:

  • Examining and improving the accessibility of outdoor seating at the Minneapolis-St. Paul campus.
  • Adding extra curb cuts at the Minneapolis-St. Paul and Ann Arbor campuses.
  • Coordinating restroom accessibility improvements in the new Mexico City campus
  • Annually developing written, video, and live content to promote Global Accessibility Awareness Day – and partnering with the Thomson Reuters Accessibility team to host its annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day This event is dedicated to raising awareness about digital accessibility and promoting inclusive design.
  • Helping complete the design of a new building entrance in our Minneapolis-St. Paul office.
  • Providing a “safe” place for people to bring information to help support them at Thomson Reuters.
  • Creating a new accessibility subgroup in partnership with the Product team to ensure accessibility is top of mind for all employees.
  • Playing a crucial role in launching the Autism Internship Program in India through sharing feedback on creating accessible technology, soliciting speakers to discuss disability inclusion, and hosting panel discussions to understand autism and neurodiversity.
  • Launching the fourth cohort of its Autism Spectrum Internship Program in India.

Five people stand with their backs to the camera in the lobby of our Toronto office.






On May 18th, 2023, the Thomson Reuters Accessibility team hosted its annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day event, dedicated to raising awareness about digital accessibility and promoting inclusive design. This is a photo from our event at our new Toronto campus.

A group of teammates standing and sitting together at a table inside a conference room.







A team shot from our 2023 cohort of interns from the Autism Spectrum Internship, which is our fourth cohort of the program.

Neha, a Lead for Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity & Inclusion in India, shared about the internship program below.

“For the past three years, I have been a core team member helping create and launch the Autism Spectrum Internship program in India: a six-month program for people with autism and intellectual or developmental disabilities. With the program entering its fourth cohort in 2023, it has already brought over 40 interns to Thomson Reuters. Although the program initially focused only on talent on the spectrum, it soon widened its scope to include all neurodiverse candidates.”

Nine people sitting beside each other inside an office, all wearing Thomson Reuters shirts.








A few of the individuals involved in the partnership with Thomson Reuters and Ser Especial in Brazil. This partnership promotes the professional and educational development of 18 colleagues with intellectual disabilities.

A large group of people pose for a picture together inside the Mall of America.








A previous March of Dimes Walk with the Disability Employee Network chapter members in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

This is just a high-level overview of the events that have been led by the Disability Employee Network in 2023. We believe that, together, we can make a difference in making Thomson Reuters a more welcoming environment for everyone. Whether you are an on-site, hybrid, or remote teammate, you can make a positive impact with the Disability Employee Network.

Neurodivergence Employee Group at Thomson Reuters

This employee group was formed for Thomson Reuters colleagues who identify as neurodivergent, allies, and parents of neurodivergent children. The goal of this group is to raise awareness of all types of neurodivergence, build up a network at Thomson Reuters, and increase the support, inclusion, and empowerment of our colleagues. This group provides various education resources, accessibility and accommodation resources, and a place to learn more about neurodiversity. Throughout the year, we held various sessions, published blog posts, and conducted training on topics such as Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month, Autism Awareness Month, World Mental Health Day, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Awareness Week.

Interested in Joining the Disability Employee Network?

All current Thomson Reuters employees are welcome to join the Disability Employee Network, including those who have a disability, those who care for someone with a disability, and allies from across the organization. Colleagues are welcome to participate in any capacity, whether you want to be added to our email list to stay up to date on the Disability Employee Network happenings or join a committee to help bring an upcoming event to life.

To learn more about our business resource groups at Thomson Reuters, check out our Inside Thomson Reuters page!