May 04, 2023 |

IMPACTathon: A time to give back

In celebration of Global Volunteer Month last month, the Thomson Reuters Social Impact Institute hosted it’s third annual IMPACTathon from April 24-28. Over the past two years, this innovative cross-sector program has successfully harnessed our teammates’ skills for the greater good, making a lasting impact on non-profits worldwide. This year, we scaled up our efforts to support over 40 non-profits across the globe. Check out the feedback from some of our teammates below who participated in the pro bono consulting experience.  

Hear from our teammates 

five individuals on an Microsoft teams call all smiling looking into the camera

“Last Friday, I had the opportunity to work with Open Hands Legal Services during Thomson Reuters’ third annual IMPACTathon. As part of a week-long series of five-hour hackathons held across the world, I was excited to connect with this non-profit organization that provides free legal services to low-income and homeless New Yorkers.

Together with my teammates, we utilized our branding, copywriting, and graphic design skills to assist Open Hands in creating their first-ever annual report. It was rewarding to help this organization share its inspiring story with prospective donors and volunteers. We’re excited to have played a part in their mission to help those in need.” 

Jacob, Canada  

seven individuals on an Microsoft teams call all smiling looking into the camera

 “I had a fantastic IMPACTathon session yesterday with leaders from Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund. It was incredibly rewarding to engage with and support AALDEF, which has a nearly 50-year track record of making the US a safer, more inclusive and equitable place for Asian Americans. The experience also was a great opportunity to solution for actionability and speed – vital to be fit for purpose for a smaller and less resourced organization, but also an important lens to avoid big company bureaucracy.”

Chris, United States 

six individuals on an Microsoft teams call all smiling looking into the camera

“Today, I had an amazing experience participating in Thomson Reuters’ IMPACTathon! Pro bono consultants from around the world came together, both in-office and remote, to support companies over five days, making a real difference in the world. We partnered with Global Empowerment Mission, Global Empowerment Mission is a nonprofit organization founded in 2011 as a first responder to global disasters. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to give back to society through the incredible work of these NGOs. Thank you to Global Empowerment Mission for hosting me and for the wonderful learning experience about your organization and the positive impact you make every day.” 

Raul, Mexico  

  seven individuals on an Microsoft teams call all smiling looking into the camera

“Whilst ChatGPT isn’t the answer to every business challenge, it’s undeniably a powerful tool.

Yesterday I had the tremendous pleasure of volunteering as part of Thomson Reuters IMPACTathon providing pro bono consulting to Metrocrest Services. This is such a fantastic organisation supporting folks in crisis in many different ways.

We spent our time brainstorming solutions, and then used ChatGPT to write resources to support Metrocrest in implementing our recommendations. A few examples:

– How to run an effective 1:1
– Guidelines for creating trust and vulnerability
– Low/no cost ways of showing appreciation”

Mike, Canada  

four individuals on an MS teams call all smiling looking into the camera

“Spent today participating in the Thomson Reuters IMPACTathon partnering with the Minority Business Growth Alliance (MBGA), which is a grass-roots organization that helps minority-owned businesses develop new and critical capabilities to grow. What a great way to bring the skills and experiences of our employees together to contribute to the communities in which we live and work! Loved working with the team from Minority Business Growth Alliance (MBGA) and my teammates at Thomson Reuters!”

Amy, United States  

5 individuals on an MS teams call all smiling looking into the camera

 “Yesterday, I had the incredible opportunity to work with the Children’s Defense Fund Minnesota and participate in my first Impactathon at Thomson Reuters. Children’s Defense Fund’s mission is to ensure every child a Healthy Start, a Head Start, a Fair Start, a Safe Start and a Moral Start in life.

It is truly amazing what you can accomplish in a set amount of time with undivided attention (we developed a communications plan during the 4-hour session!). This time was a great reminder of the importance of giving back to our communities and the impact it can have. Thank you to the whole planning team!” 

Emily, Canada  

 Thank you to all of our teammates who participated. We look forward to sharing with you our IMPACTathon impact report in the coming weeks.