Dec 09, 2022 |

Meet the 2022 Carla Jones Social Impact Award winner: Agnieszka Podgorska

By: Kellie Wellman, Senior Director, Social Impact Institute

We are thrilled to announce that Agnieszka Podgorska is the winner of our 3rd annual Carla Jones Social Impact Award, one of the highest honors our Thomson Reuters team can achieve. This award recognizes an employee who demonstrates extraordinary social impact in line with our values at Thomson Reuters.

Earlier this year, Agnieszka organized a group of nine colleagues from the United Kingdom and Poland to travel to the Polish-Ukrainian border to help refugees fleeing from the war in Ukraine. During their visit, they volunteered over 200 hours, working with World Central Kitchen to provide meals, purchasing groceries, visiting refugee children at an orphanage, and helping a family find accommodations.

Agnieszka also set up a Crowdfunder and fundraised nearly £9,000, which was used to purchase clothing, food, laptops, and other electronics to help refugee children continue their education. A donation was also made to Caritas, an organization providing accommodations, care, and education to refugee children.

In recognition of Agnieszka’s incredible work, Thomson Reuters will make a $10,000 donation to an organization currently aiding in Ukraine refugee relief.

Carla Jones, the namesake of this award, was a remarkable colleague at Thomson Reuters who lived our values and inspired others to do the same. Prior to her passing in 2019, Carla served as chief of staff to our previous three CEOs and was known for her grace, humility, and generosity. She was a mentor to many and a constant champion for diversity.

Carla founded the Social Impact Institute to better engage and amplify the work of our stakeholders and to highlight the positive impact Thomson Reuters has in the world. The Carla Jones Social Impact Award was created based on her passion for social issues and making a positive impact in our communities.

We are honored to recognize Carla’s legacy and proud of Agnieszka’s selfless work. People like Carla and Agnieszka embody our Purpose at Thomson Reuters and inspire us all to create the change we want to see in the world.

Congratulations, Agnieszka. Like Carla, you are an inspiration to us all.