May 30, 2023 |

Thomson Reuters Asian Affinity Network: Member Spotlight

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in the United States and Asian Heritage Month in Canada, and at Thomson Reuters, we believe in celebrating the diversity of our team. During the month, we took time to recognize and honor the contributions of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community in our organization. We hosted numerous events with a theme of Embracing Empowerment: Advocacy and Awareness.

Additionally, every Monday, we highlighted a different member of our Asian Affinity Network business resource group. Continue reading to hear their thoughts on the significance of this month and what being a part of the Asian Affinity Network means to them.

Lara, Senior Legal Editor, New York

“I joined Practical Law eight years ago after practicing law for fourteen years and joined the Asian Affinity Network leadership team four years ago. My favorite part about working at Thomson Reuters is that I am encouraged to pursue my passions for the law and diversity, equity, and inclusion with equal force.

Lara taking a selfie at the top of a mountain wearing a blue jacket and sunglasses.

To me, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month means learning from my pan-Asian colleagues and allies about our rich diversity of culture and thought, resilience, courage, and the power of teamwork. Together, we plan celebrations; organize trainings and discussions to stand up against the rise in anti-Asian hate; partner with leaders and other business resource groups to organize programs and social events; and raise awareness about our contributions to the business and society. What matters most to me is creating a more inclusive culture for myself, my daughter, my colleagues, and their children, where diversity of culture and thought is embraced as intrinsic to our collective wellbeing. I love working at Thomson Reuters because diversity, equity, and inclusion are placed front and center.”

Brett, Senior Legal Editor, Oregon

“For me, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is a chance for members and allies to get together and have meaningful conversations about the critical issues we should prioritize that are relevant and matter to our community. Being a remote employee, I wanted to find ways to connect with colleagues outside of my immediate work group, so I decided to join the Asian Affinity Network. I started by attending virtual meetings but quickly graduated to assisting with planning for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month events.

Brett, his partner, and two children, standing together posing for a photo in front of the beach while the sun is setting.

Being a part of this business resource group has been an incredible opportunity to connect with amazing people from fascinating backgrounds and contribute to several fun events. It has allowed me to grow my professional and friend network beyond my immediate (awesome) group of co-workers. I have gained a much greater understanding of the organization by connecting with colleagues from different teams. It has been my pleasure to be a part of efforts to make Thomson Reuters a more inclusive workplace.”

Debbie, Senior Editor in Tax & Accounting, New York

“I’ve been with Thomson Reuters for 16 years and am currently a Senior Editor in Tax & Accounting for Checkpoint in payroll publications and news. I joined the Asian Affinity Network because as an Asian American, I wanted to connect with other members of the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community at Thomson Reuters. We hold diverse positions across the organization and can share our experiences, connections, and knowledge. I’ve been a member for several years, and it’s been a great experience! Being a part of this business resource group also allows me to meet teammates in different parts of the business that I likely never would have met otherwise.

Debbie taking a selfie in front of the water while wearing a Thomson Reuters sweater.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is a time to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander achievements and reflect on our collective history. There is much to consider: points of pride and sorrow. It’s not only looking at how far we have come, but also evaluating what more needs to be done. I learn something new each Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, whether it is a small historical nugget or shared wisdom from a fellow community member. There are over 50 ethnic groups that make up the community, meaning there is always something new to learn. Since my children are second-generation Americans and further removed from their cultural roots, we’ve been focused on keeping our cultural traditions alive. My daughter saw the lion dance for the first time in person this year for the Lunar New Year. Prioritizing these traditions helps keep my children connected with our family history.”

Cindy, Attorney Editor, Minnesota

“I have worked at Thomson Reuters for three years and am an Attorney Editor within our State Practice, US Commentary team. I identify as an Indo-Caribbean person, with my family being from Guyana and my ancestors being of South Asian descent. Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month allows me to celebrate my ancestral heritage and learn about the wonderful tapestry of other Asian American and Pacific Islander cultures.

Cindy sitting in front of a grey background and smiling wearing a black shirt.

I joined the Asian Affinity Network to feel empowered to bring my authentic self to work. Connecting with fellow Asian Affinity Network members and attending events is a highlight of my time at Thomson Reuters. Several years ago, during my first Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month at Thomson Reuters, I attended a virtual event titled #StopAsianHate: The Role of Media in the Rise in Anti-Asian Violence. This event inspired me to learn, support, and advocate for our community. Being a member of the Asian Affinity Network means I can celebrate my authentic self in the workplace. I enjoy sharing my culture with my peers and appreciate that Thomson Reuters create spaces to connect as a community.”

Lawrence, Senior Legal Editor, New York

“I am a senior legal editor on the Commercial Transactions team, part of Practical Law and have been with Thomson Reuters since 2011. I joined the Asian Affinity Network hoping I could be a voice to help in the company’s response to the escalation in anti-Asian crime in New York City. The Asian Affinity Network continues to focus on public safety as teammates connect in the office as part of Thomson Reuters hybrid work environment.

Lawrence smiling while wearing a blue suit and light blue dress shirt. 

Joining the Asian Affinity Network has also allowed me to participate in programming to celebrate events like Lunar New Year, Diwali, and Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is an opportunity to take a step back from our busy schedules and learn about the great contributions that we have made to American society. Another benefit to joining this business resource group is that it has amplified my appreciation of the traditions and the tremendous contributions to our great nation made by other groups from minority and majority populations.”

Thanks to Lara, Brett, Debbie, Cindy, and Lawrence for sharing their thoughts on Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month and the importance of business resource groups like the Asian Affinity Network.