Mar 15, 2023 |

Women’s History Month at Thomson Reuters

In March, people all over the world celebrate Women’s History Month. At Thomson Reuters, we have organized sessions for colleagues to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness about challenges and opportunities, and get inspired to make positive changes. We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture of world-class talent and believe that by working together, we can embrace equity.

We posed a question to several members of the Women at Thomson Reuters business resource group: what does Women’s History Month signify to you? Here are their responses.

Nicole, Retention and Renewals Manager, Exmouth

“For me, Women’s History Month is about visibility. This month provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the often-overlooked contributions of women throughout history, recognizing and highlighting their successes and achievements. Such recognition helps pave the way for women in today’s society. Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day are critical for male allies to understand equality versus equity and support progress.

I joined and co-founded the Women at Thomson Reuters Exmouth chapter to connect with like-minded people and help create an inclusive group to spread awareness of women’s issues and spotlight the significance of women in this industry.

Nicole and her dog smiling while taking a selfie together.

Being a part of the Women at Thomson Reuters business resource group allows me to be my most authentic self and discuss pertinent daily issues like imposter syndrome, gaslighting, and micro-aggressions. These discussions help me understand myself and my colleagues better. I am also proud to be involved in the Breaking Bias program, a program designed to provide all Thomson Reuters teammates with a common language to mitigate bias in our decision-making. This program has enabled me to raise awareness around this subject and develop a deeper understanding of bias in the workplace.”

Shilpa, Product Manager, India

“I have worked at Thomson Reuters for the past sixteen years, with my current role being a Product Manager for Reuters in India. Women’s History Month is a time to highlight and appreciate the contributions of all women who have worked hard to bring about change.

Members of the Women at Thomson Reuters business resource group standing together for a team photo in our India office.

I joined the Women at Thomson Reuters business resource group to contribute to this mission and to help and support my colleagues in achieving their goals and aspirations. Being a member of this group is a great opportunity to network, listen, learn, and empower each other.”

Jafet, Senior Project Analyst, Mexico City

“I have been proud to work as a Senior Project Analyst at Thomson Reuters for the past eight months, and this month holds particular significance as we celebrate the progress toward gender equality. We have come a long way in the struggle for equal rights and opportunities. I have personally witnessed this progress during my time at Thomson Reuters, where I have been inspired by the many successful, accomplished, and supportive women across the organization.

Jafet standing in a greenspace, smiling for a photo wearing a cap and gown for graduation.

Their positive energy and encouragement are contagious, motivating me to strive for greater heights. The support and empowerment we receive from one another extend beyond our careers and into other aspects of our lives, making the Women at Thomson Reuters business resource group a beautiful and inspiring community that I am proud to be a part of.”

Tyrilly, Head of Commercial and In-house, Practical Law, Australia

“I joined Thomson Reuters just over five years ago, having practiced as a lawyer in Australia for many years beforehand. I am the Co-Chair the Women at Thomson Reuters business resource group for our Asia, Europe, and Middle East (AEM) regions, and a Wellbeing Ambassador.

I first joined the Women at Thomson Reuters business resource group because I feel a deep sense of responsibility to use my position and privilege to advocate for women who might not have the same opportunity. I’m one small part of a huge collective of Thomson Reuters women and allies from across all aspects of our business and the globe. Together, we are empowered to use our combined influence to support, mentor and sponsor others and contribute to positive change both inside Thomson Reuters and in the industries where we serve.

Tyrilly smiling while standing in front of the Thomson Reuters sign in our Australia office.

I’m now proud to co-lead our Women at Thomson Reuters business resource group across our AEM region. We have a diverse range of countries, cultures, languages, people and therefore opportunities to lead with inclusiveness in this region. I aim to drive thought leadership conversations and outcomes, and most importantly to pay forward the generosity shown to me by our leaders to inspire and encourage a future generation of female talent.

Women’s History Month reminds me that we are the beneficiaries of the efforts of all the women and allies who trailblazed before us, and with a debt of gratitude, we must in turn do what we can to create a better future for those women who will come after us. Whether that’s at work, at home or in society, I’m inspired by the cumulative impact we can achieve when we each turn the dial within our own sphere of influence to create positive change for women.”

Rittika, Lead Software Engineer, Data Lake, Bengaluru

I have been working at Thomson Reuters for close to two years. I’m an Architect for the Enterprise Data Lake in Data and Analytics. My favorite part of working in Data & Analytics is the amazing women on the leadership team – they inspire me every day. There is so much to learn from each of them, and I love how they connect with every team member and help them to prioritize career growth and development for their individual careers.

Being a member of the Women at Thomson Reuters business resource group is about being part of a community where you can find inspiration from one another. Everyone has their strengths, and it’s a space where you can learn and grow personally and professionally. I strongly believe in creating spaces where we can all come together and uplift one other.”

Four teammates posing for a group photo in front of the I love Thomson Reuters sign in our Bangalore office.

Women’s History Month is a time of the year when we recognize all the wonderful women around us and appreciate their efforts. This year is extra special for me because my family is celebrating my mom’s 60th birthday – I truly appreciate everything she has done for my family. Outside of work, I’m a certified yoga teacher and enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise with students, family and friends.

Haley, Regional HR Solutions Lead, Minnesota

“I recently came back from parental leave to a new role as a Regional HR Solutions Lead on our US Regional Human Resources team. I wasn’t expecting to continue accelerating my career during one of my biggest life moments. Yet, Thomson Reuters has a supportive and human-centric culture which allowed me to navigate this transition with excitement and ambition.

Haley and her partner holding their new baby close in their arms.

Balancing all the ‘firsts’ at home with a newborn and all new ‘firsts’ at work in a new role gave me a whole new perspective. Being a parent is the most rewarding job. Being a working parent with the support, benefits, and flexibility that Thomson Reuters offers is something I’m most grateful for. One day, one task, one deep breath at a time — celebrate the milestones and memories along the way!”