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Thomson Reuters on climate change

Climate change is an issue of international importance and is prevalent in the news, including the United States withdrawal from the Paris Climate Treaty.

For some years now, as part of our corporate responsibility strategy, Thomson Reuters has had an ongoing commitment to address the challenges posed by climate change; as have many clients across our marketplace. Planning for a lower carbon economy over time is not a trade-off between growth and going “green.” There is compelling evidence that sustainability through decarbonisation is actually a growth driver, both at the top and bottom line.  We’ve seen this in our own business over the last five years, with our aggregate GHG emissions down close to 30% alongside significant reductions in operating costs. 

Revenue growth is also increasingly tied to sustainability, and in our businesses, this is about new products and services with ESG-related data and analytics. Investors are increasingly demanding that these issues are factored into portfolios.  Our report on GHG emissions captures this economic opportunity story well. In short, having a sustainability strategy integrated into your business model is an efficiency, growth and innovation driver.

At Thomson Reuters, we will continue with our work to provide insight to policymakers, investors, lawyers, accountants and many other professionals in our marketplace who must manage this risk while at the same time catalysing new growth.  It’s our duty and privilege to do so.

Enabling sustainability with our products and services

Our vast range of products and services empower our customers to act with confidence in a complex world. It is through these products and services that we offer intelligent information for businesses and professionals across the globe to address sustainability challenges.

ESG Research Data

A rich source of environmental, social and governance (ESG) research data, providing performance information for in-depth, socially responsible investment analysis.

Agricultural Commodities

Recording consistently accurate data and analysis for early crop forecasts to support sustainable farming and commodities trading.

Thomson Reuters PointConnect

An extensive collection of energy and weather data in one location.

Risk Management

Empowering professionals and enterprises to confidently anticipate and act on risks.

Thomson Reuters World-Check

Structured intelligence on relationship risk management issues such as Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and more.


Providing rural communities with a formal land registration system and other tools to improve public services.