Favorite perks of #workingatTR

Thomson Reuters has many perks that offer its employees support and adds comfort and enjoyment to their work and lives. We spoke with many employees, all over the world, and here’s what they shared as their favorite perks of #workingatTR. 

Best-in-class parental leave policy

"Parental leave policy for new fathers (mothers too for that matter) is HUGE. As a new dad in 2017, I was more grateful than I can express with words our generous leave policy.” - Daniel Kelley | Carrollton, TX

Healthcare Benefits

“The perk that I appreciate the most is the healthcare coverage that Thomson Reuters supply to employees in the UK. The benefits of this are far-reaching, from low waiting times to quick treatment. The worry that this takes away is immeasurable. A fantastic benefit of working for a great employer.” - Karen Buckley | London, UK

Two paid volunteer days

“I’m so proud to work for an organization that not only invest money but also allows employees 2 paid days to devote their time to their charity of choice. I deeply appreciate the support TR provides as I individualize my “investment” in the community through the dollars for doers and paid volunteer days.” - Jackie Timm | Brookfield, WI

Tuition Reimbursement

“I'm actually going to receive my diploma (Masters of International Business) in just a few weeks thanks to the tuition reimbursement program. I am incredibly grateful for it!” - Karen Aulwes Deuschle | Eagan, MN

Gym Reimbursement

"I love to try out different gyms and classes, which can be expensive, so the gym reimbursement perk is amazing!" - Shelby Burghardt | Boston, MA

Free Coffee

“Straight up, it's easily the free coffee in Eagan. Simple pleasures and all that.” - Kenneth Zaffke | Eagan, MN

Learning opportunities

“Learning experiences like Unconferences and Hackathons make big and positive differences in any employee's work life.” - Utkarsh Khamgaonkar | Hyderabad, India

On-site Fitness Center

“There are quite a few perks here in the Eagan office, but I'm most grateful for the exercise classes offered in the fitness studio located in the lower level of the Eagan, MN campus. I have been attending classes since 2014. It's not just yoga folks, Mat Barre, Tabata Barre and some high-intensity cardio classes such as Oula and H.I.I.T are offered as well as others. The instructors are excellent, and it is a fun and beneficial way to break up the day, and even meet new friends.” - Polly Fisher | Eagan, MN

Law Society Fees Reimbursement

“As a Legal Writer, it has to be payment of my Law Society fees. My parents were both lawyers; I was called to the Bar in 1980, and my son will be called this year. Since my mother was called in 1937, that will be 81 years that my family have been on the rolls of the Law Society of Upper Canada. Thomson Reuters has made it possible to keep for me to keep my membership and continue a tradition that has continued more than half the time that Canada has been a country.” - Michael Johnson | Toronto, Canada

Social Events and Activities

“Last year we had barbecues, washers tournaments, a self-made ice-cream truck, food trucks, human foosball, nachos, the Technology UnConference, blood-drives, book fairs, eclipse viewing party, wellness events and more!!! We also have a game room with table tennis and pool tables.” - Traci Shatzer | St. Louis, MO

Location, Location, Location

“One of the best perks is LOCATION. We are in the heart of New York City at 7th Ave and Broadway in Times Square. You can literally see the New Year's Eve Ball from our east-facing windows. There are TWELVE subway lines that get to this office, so you can pretty much get here quickly from anywhere else in the five boroughs.” - Chaz Antonelli | New York, NY

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