Get to know Thomson Reuters Latino Employee Network

A forum to help foster the inclusion and  advancement of Latino talent and celebrate diversity cross the Latino community and culture

In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we interviewed co-chairs of our Latino Employee Network to hear about their experiences being a part of our business resource groups at Thomson Reuters.

Overview of the Latino Employee Network

The Latino Employee Network (LEN) is an employee-led business resource group (BRG) committed to creating awareness and understanding of the diverse backgrounds and experiences represented at Thomson Reuters.

Our mission is to grow, promote and retain employees of the Latino community, in addition to fostering cultural and professional growth of Latino talent. With our allies, we are dedicated to increasing representation, eliminating stereotypes through education, and celebrating our diverse cultures.

With an organization as vast and matrixed as Thomson Reuters, being in touch with employees across different functions allows for a better understanding of how the company works. For example, Peter Deppert, Senior Financial Analyst & Co-Chair of the LEN – Minneapolis/St.Paul chapter, shared “I know plenty of people in Finance, but my network previously was not as strong across Product, Human Resources, Editoral or Marketing departments. LEN provides the chance to have these conversations and network broadly.”

Rogelio Escalona, Director of Business Development and Strategy & Co-Chair of the LEN – New York City chapter, shared his thoughts on what joining LEN can do for you from both a professional and personal standpoint.

“It is a platform to jumpstart your connections both internally and externally. Otherwise, there are people you would not have the chance to meet. It’s like a whole world that opens up.” said Rogelio.

In an organization with over 25,000+ employees across nearly 80 countries, we want to make it easy for our colleagues to find community and connect with individuals that share similar experiences, languages, or identities. Joining a BRG like LEN opens the door to a vast network of individuals and provides opportunities for mentorship, professional development, cultural events, community outreach, and more.

When asked to describe LEN in one phrase, Peter said it is, "An opportunity to be a part of, or grow the community.”

“It’s a gold mine,” said Rogelio. While the Latino Employee Network is well established within Thomson Reuters, like everything, there is room for growth. “Work needs to be done but what you can get out of it is very valuable.” The opportunities extended by our BRGs make it an exciting time to be working at Thomson Reuters.

Activities and events across the United States

With four chapters across the United States (Ann Arbor, Dallas, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and New York City), LEN offers many opportunities to grow, promote, and retain Latino talent at Thomson Reuters.

The virtual environment of work today gives chapters an opportunity to collaborate across locations and extend the reach of their events given all are being hosted virtually. Past events include panel discussions, leadership seminars, career-focused workshops, happy hours, and so much more.

Peter noted that, “You don’t have to go hang out with your friends after work to get a little bit of social activity, you can do it right at work.”

Additionally, Rogelio and the LEN – New York City chapter are part of a multi-organization NYC Latinx leaders community. By being a part of this external group, they both host and get invited to countless of events revolving around embracing Latino culture and amplifying issues impacting the Latino community.

Abogado.com Community Outreach

Tres Leches Giveaway

Courageous Conversation Series – Immigration Law

Day of the Dead Altar

Leadership Series - Branding & Storytelling 

Volunteer Event with The Gift Hope Project

Who can join?

All current Thomson Reuters employee are welcome to join LEN, including those that identify as Latino AND allies from across the organization. Colleagues are welcome to participate in any capacity, whether you want to be added to our email list or help bring an upcoming event to life.

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