Recharging for the new year

After the unprecedented year we experienced in 2020, our team knows the importance of relaxing and recharging our batteries coming into the new year.

Our People Team shared how they recharged over the holiday break including spending time with loved ones, getting active, trying new activities, and testing out new toys!

 “We celebrated our baby’s first Christmas with lots of snuggles, love and gifts for him!”

“With COVID restrictions, we spent lots of family time outside skating, tobogganing and hiking.” 

“Meet “Daisy the Cow”! I bought a paint-by-number set that completely refocused my mind for HOURS.” 

"We enjoyed getting out for our daily walk and learning to fly my sons’ new drone.“

“My fiancé and I spent several hours creating this Lego masterpiece.”

We did a lot of snowshoeing and playing board games as a family!”

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