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Thomson Reuters redoubles commitment to mental health

Mary Alice Vuicic, Chief People Officer


Thomson Reuters commitment to prioritizing the wellbeing of our employees has never been more important than it is today. The global pandemic has had a profound impact on us all as we have adjusted to new ways of working while also balancing the needs of home life and work. It also put a spotlight on mental health and reaffirmed how vital it is for well-being to continue to be a central pillar of the employee experience at Thomson Reuters. 

This week, we are launching our 2022 mental health campaign and devoting Mental Health Awareness Month to bring to life the theme for May: Wellness Begins Within.

On May 13, our employees are taking a mental health day off, the first of two this year. Thomson Reuters introduced two global mental health paid holidays during the pandemic, one in May and one in October. They are now permanent. During the day, we encourage employees to use the time off with intention and do something that gives the day meaning to them. We have found it’s invigorating when our employees are able to step back from work for a time and come back stronger for customers and each other.

In May, we are also hosting a Path to Fulfillment Challenge, a two-week, team-based step challenge focused on deepening our sense of fulfillment. We are also excited to welcome Nataly Kogan, one of the leading global experts in optimizing your emotional fitness, for a keynote address. Throughout the month, we are having a company-wide mental health discussion on our internal employee platform. Having these conversations is central to destigmatizing mental health.

We are encouraging our employees to adopt new working habits connected to our Mindful Business Practices and to take advantage of our new Flex My Way program, both of which are designed to ensure employees have the tools and time to care for themselves and their families, deliver for our customers, and build a successful work-life balance.

Thomson Reuters signed the Mindful Business Charter last year, joining a group of organizations committed to ensuring that mindful business practices are embedded into the workplace and strengthening an environment where everyone can speak openly and confidently about well-being. 

And, in February, we launched Flex My Way, which includes a new Caregiver Paid Time Off benefit, enhanced bereavement leave, and a new Work From Anywhere (in country) flexible working arrangement for up to eight weeks a year. The program will evolve over time, affirming our lasting commitment to be a leader in work-life flexibility and well-being.

With these practical tools in hand, we can better support our collective well-being. Grounded in the belief that wellness begins within, this is our focus during Mental Health Month – and just the start of our 2022 Mental Health campaign.

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