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Tyler, Senior Law Firm Consultant


The path to Hollywood

At 26, Tyler made a life-changing decision.  

He had a good career at Thomson Reuters, where he had worked his way up from a Client Development Associate — setting up meetings between sales reps and law firms — to working with law firms in Minnesota and Wisconsin and helping them determine which TR solutions might best meet their needs. 

“I love the people I get to interact with through my work at TR and the products that we sell. This job — as challenging as working in sales can be — really motivates me every morning. I have a purpose when I wake up and I’m driven to go after my goals each day. It feeds an internal fire within me.” 

But what Tyler didn’t enjoy was the Midwest’s cold, snowy weather. So, when he saw a sales role at TR based in Los Angeles, California, he applied.  

Tyler got the job. 

“I remember ordering a shipping container, putting all of my things in it, and shipping that and my car out to California and then getting on a plane and flying out there,” he said. “It was interesting, nerve wracking, and exciting. It was all those things but when I got to California it just felt exhilarating. And to do something that big and to be that young, it just worked out well for me — and it has worked out well for TR too.” 

Customer care

Tyler says the customers he works with have made all the difference in his career journey. 

“My customers have become friends and some of them will be at my wedding one day. You know, it’s more than being an account executive for these firms — it’s lifelong friendships and relationships that I will carry with me forever, stories we will remember forever, and experiences we will never forget.” 

Tyler’s customers work for mid-size to large law firms, comprising 11 to more than 330 attorneys. He helps them determine which legal research and firm management solutions they might need, whether it’s Westlaw, Practical Law, Drafting Assistant, Case Notebook or HighQ — to name a few.  

“My job is to bring our industry-leading products to customers and make them aware of what is available in the marketplace. My job is also to inform them of legal solutions they can use to better serve their clients.”  

Industry insight

“In my role, I can explain from the TR perspective what lawyers and legal professionals need to operate a business and run it successfully,” he said. “Many times, I'll talk to our client and say, ‘I work with a lot of firms. They do exactly what you do. I talk to law firms all day long: partners, executive directors, CFOs, chief technology officers — you name it, the entire C-Suite. I talk to these people every day and I know what they're doing to be successful. I'm happy to share some of those insights with you if you're interested and you can use me as a resource to learn.’” 

He also talks to his clients about changes he observes in the legal industry and offers ideas on how they might address any concerns. 

“They need to be aware of what’s happening in the market. Shifting legal trends. Shifting technologies. Shifts in what the courts, judges, and the clerks are using. They need to be aware of things to better assist and serve their clients, help them to be a better partner to their in-house general counsel and know what others are using and expect from their external business partners. I also feel like part of my job is to inform them of these things.” 

That’s powering professionals to act with confidence.

That’s informing the way forward.