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Why these former employees returned to Thomson Reuters

A boomerang employee is someone who has left an organization and has returned to that same employer later. There are many reasons why people leave organizations, but what’s important is why they return. We spoke with boomerang employees at Thomson Reuters to find out what encouraged them to come back and grow their career with us. 

The culture

“My old manager encouraged me to come back to a job I was familiar with and good at, and I accepted because I knew the culture was exactly the place I wanted to be – i.e, starting work early to avoid difficult commuting times, long lunch hours to go to the gym, etc. Eventually I decided to do the marathon (again, with a HUGE amount of support from Thomson Reuters – gym subsidy, gift matching, days working from home so I could do my 8-mile training runs in daylight hours).”

Kaley Botting

Content Producer | London, England

“First, I returned because of the culture at Thomson Reuters. I appreciate the fast paced, flat structure (with limited bottlenecks), the opportunities to collaborate globally and the willingness to innovate and listen to new ideas.”

Aditi Shevde

Senior Talent & Development Analyst | Bangalore, India

The people

“To rejoin TR was just amazing; coming back felt as good as what I imagine winning the lottery jackpot would feel like. The opportunity to rejoin a happy working environment along with the prospect of building/growing a career within TR as well as be amongst people I class as friends rather than just colleagues was too great to miss…to which I have been made very welcome in returning to TR."

Peter Plackett

Project Coordinator – CNAC | Nottingham, England

“The main reason I loved coming back to Thomson Reuters was because of the great people I worked with here and the work environment. I’ve got to know a lot of people throughout my time here and it always makes it easier when you are working with great colleagues (and friends), knowing that you’re working for such a great organization.”

Arman Sokhanvari

Recruiter | London, England

Career opportunities 

“I appreciate the opportunities that TR offers in terms of career development and advancement– with regards to training programs as well as the opportunities to work within different business units. Working at TR, you can advance your careers in ways you might not have imagined. It’s a great place to work!”

Sara Towle

Product Marketing Manager – Investigation & Public Records | Eagan, Minnesota

“I returned because I was impressed by the technology stack and the many tools used to quickly deliver new codes to our customers. I also enjoy working in the information sector and still believe Thomson Reuters has many ways to grow.”

Kevin Wong

Software Engineer | Eagan, Minnesota

Rewarding and challenging work

“Since I've returned to R&D I've been a part of a team that has moved the needle in many ways and only continues to help drive growth in the company. The work has been hard and messy at times, but the reward has been amazing. I can say I was here at the beginning and worked with a talented and dedicated team solving really hard problems and we made an impact. That kind of career satisfaction is hard to come by.”

John Duprey

Senior Architect | Rochester, New York

“I wanted more interesting work; I wanted longer-term projects with more stability; and I wanted to return to the legal field in some capacity. My job utilizes a mix of legal and technology that is perfect for me.” 

Dan Dick

Principal Attorney Editor | Rochester, New York

Flexibility and work/life balance 

“I returned to Thomson Reuters because it adds to my quality of life. Thomson Reuters understands that as important as your role is at the company, it is not the only thing that matters in your life. It’s not just a value they preach at meetings or print on posters, but one that they live through their employee appreciation, flexibility, management style and more. I knew that if I wanted to improve my work-life balance, which so many companies say is important to provide their employees, coming back to Thomson Reuters would be the right decision.”

Brianna Liestman

Content Marketer | Eagan, Minnesota Training and Development

“Once you work for TR there is always scope to move onto new roles, departments and projects. Personally, I have always felt very supported at Thomson Reuters. As a younger employee, when I was given opportunities to work on new tasks and projects, I was supported and helped to succeed.  Other companies may not coach and lead newer employees to succeed in the same way.”

Nicola Cuthbert

Business Process Specialist | London, England

“I first joined TR in September 2006, soon after my graduation. Although a fresh graduate, the work atmosphere and the professional training TR ensured gave me enormous confidence in my abilities and in many ways changed my life. However, in 2014 after working for nearly 8 years, I had to move out of TR; this change allowed me to fully understand the value of TR and its excellent work culture. I truly missed the various professional training programs TR offered, constant opportunities to learn new skills, dedicated service of sign language interpreter and other communication supports (I am differently abled with a hearing impairment), words of encouragement and the very cordial work environment.”

Alex Sebastian

Trainee Research Analyst | Bangalore, India

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