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Why these Thomson Reuters employees come to work every day

Research shows that being motivated in the workplace fosters productivity. What motivates you? We asked employees #workingatTR to share what inspires them to work hard each day at Thomson Reuters. 

Strong Values

“The company is about more than just making profit. It’s also about making a positive difference in this world. There are few that not only state that but illustrate that in their mission, strategy and execution, and Thomson Reuters is one!”
–Gabe Madison | Community Relations Director

“I love that ‘partnership’ is a bedrock of how we operate inside and outside of HR – whether it’s seamlessly collaborating with the team in Finance– or helping reboot the Legal HR dashboard.”
–Teymy Bahmani | Head of People Metrics and Analytics

“I feel valued at Thomson Reuters and I know that I can make an impact.”
–Ted Nehrbas | Talent Brand Marketing Specialist

“Being able to share TR’s vision, mission and values with potential candidates is rewarding for me as a steward of the organization.”
–Markda Awada | Senior Talent Sourcing Specialist

“I love working in a smart environment at a company that positively impacts the world!”
–Patricia Sales | Recruitment Manager

Inspiring People

“I like hearing the news reported by Reuters from the radio, then realizing that I’m working with these journalists every day.”
– Wanlin Jiang | Contractor

“I work with an amazing team where ideas are welcome and where everyone has something to bring to the table and feels listened to. I feel proud working for a company that treats everybody equally.”
– Daphnee Charames | HR Advisor

“I come to work every day because I can partner with colleagues across TR to gain unique perspectives and foster inclusiveness through our business resource groups.”
–Jen Idrizi | Lead Talent Acquisition Partner

“I come to work every day because the motivation of the people working around me is contagious.”
–Ted Nehrbas | Talent Brand Marketing Specialist

“I enjoy working with some of the best and brightest people in the HR industry, thereby learning something new from them daily.”
–Sharon Yovine | HR Solutions Director

“I love coming to work every day because I get the chance to work with people who are amazing, very knowledgeable, and want to help their customers and their communities.”
–Gabe Madison | Community Relations Director

“I value our start-up feel within a stable organization – When I have a new idea, I present it to my team and am able to run with it.”
–Shelby Burghardt | Manager, HR Solutions, Talent Acquisition, Brand & Channels

Rewarding Challenges

“It’s 7 am on Friday and I’m drinking my first coffee in the office. I’ve recently started some new challenging project that requires conceptual work…It gives me a great flow and motivation to start my day earlier.”
– Karolina Majowicz-Prager | Manager, Talent Acquisition

“The work I do on a daily basis makes a huge impact when I am able to find candidates that ultimately improve the organization’s bottom line and culture. I feel like I am making a difference.”
–Markda Awada | Senior Talent Sourcing Specialist

“I’m constantly feeling challenged and learning something new”
–Estelle Ling | Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, North Asia

“I love the autonomy my manager gives me to use my creativity, curiosity, and resourcefulness to solve complex problems for our internal customers.”
–Teymy Bahmani | Head of People Metrics and Analytics

“Thomson Reuters has given me an opportunity to better myself and progress as a professional.”
–Ted Nehrbas | Talent Brand Marketing Specialist

Global Mindset

“In my role I have to connect with so many people around the globe and that makes work even more interesting.”
–Diego Sandi | Senior HR Solutions Analyst, Talent Acquisition

“I love that working at TR has helped me truly develop a global mindset – as a manager of a team with members in Manila and Eagan, as an employee who is part of a global enterprise with employees in 86 countries, and as a citizen on a planet that increasingly relies on a trusted company like Thomson Reuters to provide answers to important News, Legal, Finance, and Tax questions that seem to keep this big rock spinning!”
–Teymy Bahmani | Head of People Metrics and Analytics

“I come to TR every day to learn from diverse people and cultures - I have the opportunity to work with people from all over the world.”
–Shelby Burghardt | Manager, HR Solutions, Talent Acquisition, Brand & Channels

“The projects I work on make a difference – the HR Solutions we implement impact our 40,000+ employees globally – making their interactions with HR simpler and quicker.”
–Sharon Yovine | HR Solutions Director

Work-Life Balance

“Work-life balance is truly unique at TR. I am able to go to doctor’s appointments during the day without feeling the need to use 3 hours of PTO; I work from home on Fridays or during inclement weather; I have worked from the car/train/bus while heading out on vacation; I even worked from our London office for 6 weeks!”
–Shelby Burghardt | Manager, HR Solutions, Talent Acquisition, Brand & Channels

“I am in my dream job because I actually get to do what I love when I come to work, which makes it not feel like work. The company and my role fit with my life and experience; it gives me energy instead of draining me, and helps me to make a difference in the community I am in. What more could I ask for??”
–Gabe Madison | Community Relations Director

“I feel here a bit like I’m at home.”
–Karolina Majowicz-Prager | Manager, Talent Acquisition

“I look forward to the fun events that we host in the office.”
–Estelle Ling | Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, North Asia

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