How Thomson Reuters is evolving to clarify the complex

One of the essential ways that legal, tax and accounting, and risk and fraud professionals serve their organizations is by providing clarity and guidance. That clarity is needed now more than ever. Our world continues to grow more bewilderingly complex, thanks primarily to new technologies, new data sources, and new regulations — both national and global.

Since the founding of its predecessor company, West Publishing, in 1872, Thomson Reuters has been a trusted source of information and research for many decades. Professionals who have tapped into solutions that include Westlaw, Practical Law, and Checkpoint may be aware that these digital platforms have integrated AI (GenAI) to further boost their powerful capabilities and benefits. They’re likely to be familiar with our capabilities even if they’re less familiar with the company that has developed those capabilities and continuously keeps them current.

“It is an enormously exciting time at the intersection of technology and professional information,” Thomson Reuters CEO Steve Hasker recently wrote in an article for Reuters. “We are on the verge of a revolution in creating new efficiencies by getting professionals the right answers faster.”

Over the past several years, Thomson Reuters has evolved from a content-driven company with trusted technology solutions to an industry-leading AI technology company. That’s why we’re updating our brand and messaging — to better reflect who we are and all we have to offer.

By evolving our brand, we’re announcing an even greater commitment to technological innovation to address the increasingly complex challenges and requirements professionals need to know today — and those they’ll need to manage and navigate in the future.

How you benefit today

In addition, we are updating our messaging based on insights gained from extensive customer and market research around the value we provide to professionals. The world looks to professionals for clarity and guidance in complex situations — and, in this GenAI era, that complexity is ever increasing. What we heard time and time again was that professionals look to our company to clarify the complex so they can gain the clarity needed to address current challenges and navigate uncertainties confidently.

Our new messaging will align with three key pillars based on how our customers benefit from the combined power of our industry-leading content, trusted expertise, and AI-powered technology.

Reducing inefficiencies

Organizations of all kinds are awash in overwhelming amounts of data and regulation. While poring through reams of information is necessary work, it can also be an unprofitable use of skilled professionals’ time. They need tools to help them make actionable sense of all those numbers and words. By streamlining and automating often-tedious workflows, we help professionals focus on the critical work that matters to them and their clients.

We have combined trusted content with generative AI to quickly provide relevant, insightful answers to complex legal research questions. We have also brought AI-powered capabilities that boost accounting professionals’ profitability and stay compliant with regulations. Finally, our technology automates the process of sorting through massive datasets, thus helping risk professionals conduct fraud investigations to quickly and accurately identify anomalies.

Adding greater value

We have designed our AI-powered technologies to clarify the complex, allowing legal, tax and accounting, and risk and fraud professionals to act quickly and decisively. By spending more of their time providing expertise and accurate insights, these professionals can deliver maximum value to stakeholders, which can include clients, clients’ customers, partnerships, and colleagues. By having an efficient workflow, professionals can garner the benefits of enhanced cost efficiency, saved hours, and reduced human error.

Anticipating the future

Professionals need the perspective to anticipate what’s next and prepare for the unexpected. Navigating tomorrow's challenges will be crucial to anticipate risks like complex regulatory changes, cybersecurity risks, trade restrictions, economic instability, and many more on the horizon.

In a changing landscape, clients and other stakeholders look to knowledgeable, experienced professionals to lead the charge. We reaffirm and deepen our commitment to the professionals we serve. Through our premier AI and insights, we empower professionals to maintain a high level of service and chart a confident course for future service and growth. While this is a particularly challenging time for professionals, it’s also creating tremendous opportunities to see past complexity, mitigate risk, and adapt to the future of work.

How we help you know today and navigate tomorrow

With this new brand evolution, we can better reflect who we are and showcase the progressive technology that we offer to legal, tax and accounting, and risk and fraud professionals.

The unique combination of our industry-leading content, trusted expertise, and revolutionary AI-powered technology empowers professionals with the clarity needed to confidently address the complexities of today and navigate the unknowns of tomorrow. As these professions and these complexities evolve, we are better positioning ourselves to evolve with them.

Everything we do here at Thomson Reuters is guided by our corporate purpose to “inform the way forward.” We are elevating how professionals and institutions work by digitalizing tax and legal professions, the free press, commerce, and the rule of law. Throughout our long history, we have provided the content and technology solutions professionals need to maintain their own high standards. Our expertise means professionals can thoroughly trust that content. When professions need to change to accommodate new challenges and new complexities, we evolve our capabilities, such as incorporating generative AI into our technology solutions. Indeed, we are the industry-leading AI technology company for decision makers grappling with complexity.

Now is the time to get to know us even better. Discover more about how our brand is evolving and the innovative ways we’re helping professionals know today and navigate tomorrow. Let’s begin the journey to the future today.

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