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Large scale public events toolkit

Resources, tools, and information for cities and organizations to address human trafficking around large scale sporting events

Welcome to the large scale public events information toolkit to address the potential for human trafficking to increase when large scale public events are held. While there is not a clear cause and effect relationship between large scale events and trafficking victimization, cities and organizations can use this toolkit to proactively implement initiatives to address needs of confirmed and potential victims for shelter, manage media messaging, and coordinate a multi-agency response. The toolkit contains additional independent research that looks at the data on large scale public events to explore the nexus with trafficking.

The City of Houston Mayor’s Office of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence developed and implemented this toolkit in response to a major U.S. sporting event to prevent and address victimization before, during, and after events with select components established for the long-term. Thomson Reuters is proud to continue to make this toolkit available to a wider audience, building upon the great work that the City of Houston Mayor’s Office started in 2015.

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Human trafficking toolkits

These toolkits contain resources, tools, and information for cities and organizations to address human trafficking from a whole of government response.