Meet Sanjiv S.

Alliance Partnership Specialist, Global Growth Organization, Mumbai, India

I started out as a project coordinator in Bangalore managing the India Growth Plan. Then I moved to the business graduate program where I was assigned to the Mumbai helpdesk, then moved to London to manage global customer relationships, and finally took a strategy role in the Markets organization. Then I moved to the corporate strategy team in Bangalore. As a result of a stretch assignment, I started working on partnerships and now focus on business development full time in Mumbai.

What excites me is that every day is a new experience. No two days are ever the same. I get to meet with external people with a wealth of experience, through which I learn new things and gain lots of new information. And I feed that knowledge back into the businesses we serve.

"You own your career at Thomson Reuters. Go all out and give it your best shot to achieve the desired results and the organization will support you."

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